Friday, 8 July 2011

What genre??

is the question we asked next. We started out thinking a comedy as this is the biggest hitter in UK cinemas, according this recent survey responsible for over 20% of all trips to the flicks. However when we started to work out how we could actually film this and what it might look like we ran into some problems. For starters comedy is heavily reliant on acting and timing of which we possess neither! Also as we have no props or costumes with us that would really limit us in terms of the scenarios we could play out and this would definitely impact on the gags.

So with 'we don't look the part and haven't got any props' in mind we turned our thoughts to the thriller genre. This appealed as it relies on suspense, an audience in the dark and on the edge of their seats. One way of achieving that is by withholding information from the audience and keeping them guessing. We decided a darkish, threatening atmosphere combined with shot types that do not reveal the whole setting would enable us to cover up for some of our makeshift mise en scene and also a creepy vibe that would help build suspense.

So we decided some type of victim in the making scenario could be a winner, an innocent being groomed by a sinister figure...

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