Friday, 8 July 2011

Use of technolgy - uploading photos

To catch some location shots of the team at work on our project, I used the camera on my HTC Desire phone. I tried to get a range of shots showing brainstorming mind maps as well as the team and work, and one of "our enemy". To upload these phots I was required to go into blogger on my phone's broswer and open and upload from the interfact there. This was quite inconvenient in lots of ways as it required a lot of fiddling around hitting the right buttons on the touchscreen - it also took quite a long time, about 5 minutes per photo. I figured there must be a quicker way to do this, and a quick Google showed my the blogger app for HTC Desire which I downloaded. This allows me to "share" photos automatically, immediately after taking them. Results to be added to posts above!

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