Friday, 8 July 2011

Shot List

Location: 315 + 340 + Park      Victim: Dan     Con Artist: Phil    Woman: Marisa                              

Shot List:

  1. ECU Dan at work in 315, emailing “woman” who is in fact Phil. Shot will start in close and as the con is revealed, the shot types will get wider

  1. ECU Phil at Mac in 340, returning Dan’s emails. At this stage audience are not aware that Phil is not who he says he is

  1. Cut back to Dan CUs to establish character, surroundings and character indicators i.e lonely hearts section of paper open on the desk, pictures of the “woman” he met on the internet. Moving camera shots around the desk

  1. Same as above for Phil, but Phil has pictures of Marisa open on his computer (woman he is pretending to be), long list of email addresses printed out on desk with photos of other victims and cheques he has received

  1. Dan medium shot high angle, leans back in chair at desk. Transition shot into Dan’s thoughts

  1. Fantasy scene establishing long shot in the park

  1. Fantasy scene CUs and mid shots. Shot reverse shots of Dan and Marisa walking towards each other in the park. Fantasy/dream sequence style

  1. Back to Dan CU on eyes opening as he comes out of fantasy

  1. Medium track around behind Dan

  1. Medium track around behind Phil

  1. CU Phil smirking

  1. CU on email exchange detailing couple meeting up

  1. Medium shot low angle, Phil leaning back in chair at desk (mirroring the shot of Dan leaning back before fantasy scene but Phil is shot from low angle to show dominant character)

  1. OSS Phil leans forward again and brings up next victim’s details

  1. CU on next victim’s details. END

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