Friday, 8 July 2011

Grooming style

Not like short back and sides, but like how do we make the scammer and the situation feel as creepy as possible? We went back to the internet, YouTube this time to have a look at how some other filmmakers have done this and get some inspiration for our own film. We found this brilliant student film which used some simple filming and amazing post production to create a genuinely unsettling film.

We haven't got the editing software or time to do some of the groovy effects they have here. But we do feel that we can use the camera to push the visual style to another level. It has made us also think about how all the elements of the film need to combine to create the meanings, we are stuck a bit with the mise en scene we have got to work with but we will need to consider the soundtrack really carefully as this will set the tone for the piece as much as the camera and editing. The girl's dialogue in this film is what really shows how trusting and therefore vulnerable she is and that is what makes the audience grimace as they can see trouble heading in her direction...

However the most important thing that we  took from watching this film was that a simple scenario gives you a great chance to execute in a visually interesting way. The key for us now is to make sure that our scenario stays simple!

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