Friday, 8 July 2011

Currency is money

Before we could start scripting our film we searched the internet using Google News to find some recent stories of grooming scams. Our logic was that some of the audience would know of these stories and that would help them to buy into the film's plot, suspend their disbelief and brick themselves (if we could pull off the shoot and edit!). The three big stories that we found from the last few weeks all had appeal they were

1 A middle aged woman who was lured into giving all her savings and re-mortgaging her house to help send supplies to a beefcake US marine. Except he wasn't of course he was just a scammer who suckered her in and squeezed her dry.

2. Some parents who were 30 minutes away from wiring £1000s to a guy who had met their son whilst travelling in South America. Knowing their son would be out of contact for a couple of days and having hacked his email account he convinced them into believing that he was trying to save their sone from a hell hole prison and that he needed cash to secure release.

3. A genius internet dating scam. The great feature about this story is that the scammer isn't even a person but a computer that generates responses based on some far out programme. It basically reflects back to the victims hopes and fears as contained in their emails.
My far and away favourite was the last of these as I love the idea of filming a dialogue between man and machine.  The unusual encounter would really open the doors to filming and editing it in an original way. Soundtrack as well, beeps, whirrs, clicks and a creepy electro industrial track to show this is one bad robot!! It was also give us a great chance to make some interetextual references to some sci-fi classics from yesteryear such as The Terminator and 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Unfortunately as pointed out by the rest of the team we aren't allowed to strip a computer's casing away so it would be difficult to get all of the brain centre's flashing lights and circuitry and stuff so it's a non  starter today. If we had more time then a quick search of freecycle would give us an obsolete computer to disembowel. 

Ho hum we've decided to go for a good old fashioned honey trap instead - internet dating is big business and hopefully we'll be able to exploit some of the audience's concerns about anonymity/deception/safety...

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